Weekly Dance Lessons are moving to YOUTUBE!

Mondays from 6:00pm to 7:00pm 

Use this log in info for the class every Monday.  


To enter the class use this link: HERE

May 10th, The Wolf
May 17th, NO LESSON
May 24th, Lonely Drum
May 31st, NO LESSON






* If you happen to be good with technology you can set up external speakers. If you want to take it to the next step, connect the computer to a TV to get a bigger picture!

* There is a chat room where y'all can talk to each other and or give us feedback. 

* We welcome anyone who wants to video some of their class and send it to us to use on social media.

* Since in person classes have ended, Zoe is out of work, If you have income and are able to donate for the class, you can send $5 directly to Zoe. This is not required to join the class.

Pay Pal zoebalfour@yahoo.com

Venmo zoe balfour@zoe-balfour



NEW!!!!  Line Dances Section

Check out our new Line Dances section to get more information on some of the line dances we're doing on our weekly marathons.

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