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NEW!!!!  Line Dances Section

Check out our new Line Dances section to get more information on some of the line dances we're doing on our weekly marathons.

Important Links

Weekly Dance Lessons are moving to YOUTUBE!

Mondays from 6:00pm to 7:00pm 

Use this log in info for the class every Monday.  


To enter the class use this link: HERE







* If you happen to be good with technology you can set up external speakers. If you want to take it to the next step, connect the computer to a TV to get a bigger picture!

* There is a chat room where y'all can talk to each other and or give us feedback. 

* We welcome anyone who wants to video some of their class and send it to us to use on social media.

* Since in person classes have ended, Zoe is out of work, If you have income and are able to donate for the class, you can send $5 directly to Zoe. This is not required to join the class.

Pay Pal zoebalfour@yahoo.com

Venmo zoe balfour@zoe-balfour